Portable Solar Panels – Mobile Energy Efficiency

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Just about everything around is turning mobile!

From mainframe computers that are large enough to fill-up a room, we now have easy-to-carry laptops and tablets whose processing capabilities are a thousand times more powerful. The wired phones of the previous decades have been shoved to the side by sleek and stylish smartphones. And that ‘Goliath’ 12-knife set you have at home? It has found its ‘David’ in the form of a well-build, pocket-sized Swiss army knife.

In light of this trend, it’s not surprising that solar power companies and manufacturers came up with portable solar panels that can fit in your suitcase…and we can only be happy about this step forward!

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Portable Solar Generators – A Growing Industry

A few years ago, the very mention of ‘solar energy’ evokes images of solar panels that are built on utility scale and designed from the ground up for rooftops and large power plants. The idea of a solar power generator on-the-go was virtually non-existent.

But thanks to ground-breaking research and development, solar companies and manufacturers were able to create inexpensive, smaller, and portable solar panels that can keep your iPad, MP3 player, digital camera, electric guitar, and other small appliances at full power…‘round the clock!

No matter where you go, even if you’re ‘off the grid,’ staying connected and powered up is ABC-easy with these modern portable solar panels.

Portable Solar Panels – Its Many Uses

Military Operations: Years ago, the Pentagon placed a $400-price tag for every gallon of gas delivered to isolated military outposts and bases in Afghanistan. That’s a hefty price tag…and we’re not even talking about the cost of manning and defending the convoys that deliver fuel.

Isn’t it ironic? We are using high-tech electronic war equipment and communication devices… so advanced that anyone from 10 to 20 years ago would think of them as science fiction. However, these gears of war are still using fossil fuel technology for power, which is centuries old!

Realizing that a chain can only be as strong as its weakest link, the US military pushed hard for a portable and sustainable energy source…one that won’t let them down in the heat of a shootout.

Going fast forward, the US Marines have switched from conventional, non-renewable power sources to portable solar generators. After seeing action in field operations in Iraq, these solar panels on the go haven’t looked back. Nowadays, the US military are using them day-in and day-out to keep their ruggedized laptops, communication devices, and other portable gears powered up.

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Medical Missions: Laura Stachel, an obstetrician from Berkeley, CA, was on a medical mission somewhere in Africa when she witnessed a C-section operation being carried out in the middle of the night with the help of a kerosene lantern.

As the operation proceeded, things took a turn for the worse. The kerosene lantern died in the middle of the procedure, and the doctors had to complete the operation using a flashlight.

This is far from being an isolated incident. Matter of fact, according to recent statistics, over 350,000 mothers die from pregnancy complications annually. Many of these cases are in regions where reliable electricity is almost non-existent. Places where even the most ground-breaking health facilities and medical equipment can’t provide emergency care ‘thanks’ to the lack of electricity!

To combat this trend, Laura Stachel along with other health institutions resorted to mobile solar chargers to provide life-saving medical care 24 hours a day to over 15,000 mothers every year.

FDA-Level Sterilization: According to the World Health Organization (WHO), millions of people around the globe (especially in developing countries) die from health care-associated infection and inadequate sterilization of medical equipment.

However, thanks to the efforts Oara Neumann and Naomi Halas of Rice University, this problem could soon be solved. Their device called SolarClave utilizes the power of the sun to sanitize medical instruments without relying on an external power source.

With the help of carbon and nanoparticles that are scattered in an aqueous solution, the SolarClave is the first solar-powered sanitation equipment that passes FDA-level sterilization tests.

Bottom Line…

The US military, medical institutions, campers and adventurers, travelers – everyone is jumping on the portable solar panel bandwagon! And who wouldn’t? With these solar panels on the go, bridging the gap between reliable, renewable power and remote, isolated locations has never been easier!

It’s about time you experience the convenience and difference that these portable solar generators make. And here’s a mobile solar panel manufacturer that can help you get started in the right direction…

portable solar panels

AspectSolar – The Portable Solar Panel Manufacturer You Can Trust

A leading name and a pioneer in the portable solar energy industry, AspectSolar, with their compact, and modular solar electricity products and their patented Sun-Tracking technology, answers the needs of different consumers and industries for off-the-grid solar electricity.

SunSocket Solar Generator & Its Sun-Tracking Feature – Thanks to this proprietary technology, AspectSolar’s SunSocket Solar Generator automatically repositions its panels to get the HIGHEST intensity from the sun…allowing you to maximize their efficiency without lifting a finger!

Whether you’re camping, at a picnic, exploring the wild, or on a concert tour, you can simply leave your SunSocket Solar Generator outside and it will take care of your portable electricity needs.

EnergyBar 250 This portable battery pack utilizes a Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery that can charge over 1000 cycles and last for up to 10 years. When combined with their EP-55 solar panels or SunSocket Solar Generator, powering up your LED/LCD TVs, laptops, GPS navigator, and other devices becomes ABC-easy!

EP-55 Solar Panel (Coming Soon) – This high efficiency 55-Watt solar panel is the best buddy of EnergyBar 250. Weather-resistant, easy to carry, and beefed up with SOLMAX MPPT Technology, this portable solar panel ensures that your EnergyBar 250 gets the maximum charge it needs for ‘round-the-clock operation.

YES, AspectSolar and all of its products are all about providing convenient and easy-to-use solar energy to people who’re always on the go. Why not check their website and see for yourself what they can do?

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